The recent 2013 Palau Shark Week attracted over 70 divers from all over the world to take part in Fish ‘n Fins’ fascinating week of encounters.
Great shark dives in both new and classic dive sites were the highlights of the week as well as captivating evening presentations, which showcased a diversity of shark experts, including Dr. Meekan of AIMS on the Micronesian Shark Foundation research update, Tova Harel Bornovski of the Micronesian Shark Foundation on Shark school education in Micronesia, Adam Baske of  PEW Charitable Trusts on Illegal fishing, Kate McKay of Melbourne Aquarium, and Michael Janssen of PADI on Project AWARE and shark conservation efforts.  
The Micronesian Shark Foundation debuted a documentary of a scientific Expedition to South West Islands of Palau and the grim effects of illegal fishing on these reefs.
Shark Week Gala night with Palauan delicacies and many distinguished guests made a perfect ending to this Extravagant Shark Week. For those interested in joining Shark Week 2014, please send an e-mail to: info@fishnfins.com.
Fish ‘n Fins will be hosting “WREXPEDITION,” which is dedicated to Palau’s WWII  Wrecks from June 4-11, 2013.  For more information, please visit www.fishnfins.com.
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