Paradise in Palau – Special Edition!

"It was one of most surreal experiences of my life—swimming among millions of golden jellyfish, so many that you couldn’t avoid bumping into them with your bare skin. But what should normally be an excruciatingly painful experience (and if you’ve ever been stung by a jelly you know what I mean) wasn’t. On a tiny island in Palau is one of most famous snorkeling sites in the world: Jellyfish Lake. And if there is one place you need to see before you kick the bucket, this is it..." Read full article...


Palau Introduces NEW Eco Theme Park

Recently opened, the Palau Eco Theme Park introduces a whole new brand of adventure to this Micronesian paradise. The theme park features Palau’s only zip-line course for those thrill-seekers who enjoy the adrenaline rush of flying above treetops.

Famous as a premier destination for underwater thrills, Palau now boasts its new sky adventure with a three-course zip-line soaring over the Taki Waterfall Park in the State of Ngardmau.

"Zipline is getting popular around the world, and it will become another major attraction of Palau," said Chris Kay, President of Palau Leisure Group Inc., a Korean company that built the $2.2 million adventure facility that also includes an eco-theme park and a monorail.

Eun Song Cho, chairman of Palau Leisure Group said, "I started our zipline project in Palau first because I was attracted by the beauty of the waterfalls in Ngardmau.”

Unlike scuba-diving which requires certification, zip lining only requires willingness to unleash one’s inner Tarzan and primal scream as he or she gets whisked along a cable, 250 feet from the ground, from one platform to another for a ride that goes from 30 seconds to one minute. The length of each course is between 300 meters and 340 meters and is said to be one of the longest in the world.

For more information about the Palau Eco Theme Park, please call (680) 747-1004.


Palau's most idyllic Live Aboard options

For those looking to fill their “bucket list” with a scuba adventure in one of the world’s most beloved dive destinations, Palau is home to some of the world’s most idyllic Live Aboard options.

The Palau Aggressor II

To begin, the Palau Aggressor II is an 18-passenger, 106-foot aluminum catamaran. Sunday-to-Sunday charters explore world-class diving favorites like Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, Blue Holes, and many more. Charters include a visit to remote Peleliu Island as well. Diving, accommodations, meals, snacks, soft beverages, beer, wine and service from a professional crew are included. The boat may be hired for private charters, film production support and marine research.

Contact/Information: Palau Aggressor IIMalakal, Koror, Koror 96940Telephone: 800-348-2628 / 985-385-2628Email: palau@aggressor.comWebsite: http://www.aggressor.com/

Ocean Hunter I

A family run operation since 1993, Ocean Hunter I is a 60 foot (21 meters) motorsailer Liveaboard, exclusively designed to accommodate only six divers. This exclusive “dreamboat” has been in Palau for eighteen years and just underwent an upgrade, making it feel like a brand new boat. Each of the cabins are now fitted with private A/C units, toilets and showers. The renovation took place in Palau with attention to our previous and repeat guests requests and wishes with the magical touch of the famed Navot Bornovski, the accomplished mechanical engineer and a naval architect. A fixture on this exclusive yacht is the crew, led by Captain Troy Ngiraikelau who has gone on over 8,000 dives in Palau, and Chef Roy with over 9,000 gourmet meals under his belt. Ocean Hunter I has an average of 55% repeat guests, a sum that very few (if at all) liveaboard achieve. Those that charter this liveaboard will enjoy unlimited diving on board, diving from the main boat and being able to get close to the dive sites as well as professional underwater photography services; gourmet health food; rich scientific marine library. For more information contact: info@oceanhunter.com.

Contact/Information: Ocean Hunter I, P.O. Box 964, Koror, Palau 96940Telephone: (680) 488-2637Email: info@oceanhunter.comWebsite: http://www.oceanhunter.com/


Continental Airlines Introduces Discounted Airfares For North American Travelers Interested in Vacationing in Palau

Continental Airlines has just introduced reduced airfares for North Americans interested in visiting Palau, Micronesia, anytime from September 1-December 15, 2011. Roundtrip airfares are as low as $1,305 from Los Angeles or $1,405 from Houston. Other select U.S. airports feature airfares of only $1,505. Additionally, the airline is offering a special add-on rate for stopovers in Yap, for a fee of only $75.

Restrictions apply and airfare is subject to applicable taxes, passenger facility charges and security fees. These special rates require a minimum stay of six days and maximum stay of 30 days. Tickets must be purchased at least seven days prior to departure and no later than August 31, 2011.

For more information and to book these special rates, visit www.continental.com.


Palau…A Destination Of History For World War II Buffs

Known to many as the location for the bloodiest battles of World War II, war buffs will appreciate Peleliu’s plethora of historical and commemorative elements
. Read on...


Putting a Price on Sharks - NY Times Article

In Palau, the Maldives, the Bahamas and some other scuba-diving destinations, tourism operators have gotten across the message to governments that there are economically rational reasons to protect the fish. Read full NY Times article...


Palau, Micronesia Welcomes New Ngellil Nature Island Resort

The Ngellil Nature Island Resort is a one-of-a-kind, eight room property that is only accessible by boat transfer and is ideal for couples or those that want to truly get away from it all. The full-service property features accommodations made of natural products from the islands; barbecued meals made on site; private beach for hotel guests only; private hiking trails, which wend through a lush jungle; sea kayaking; snorkeling; and fishing. Read on...


Continental Airlines to Launch Guam-Okinawa Service in September 2011‏

GUAM, April 27, 2011 – United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL) announced today the introduction of Continental Airlines non-stop flights between Guam and Okinawa, Japan, with the goal of attracting more tourists to Guam and provide customers in Okinawa with enhanced access to Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland and other destinations throughout the Continental Pacific network. (This service is subject to government approval). This year-round, four-times-weekly service will be launched on September 28, 2011, with Okinawa becoming the 10th Japanese city with non-stop service to Guam on Continental. The new flight is available for sale beginning today. For more info, visit: http://unitedcontinentalholdings.com


About Palau

Located in the westernmost corner of Micronesia, Palau is an archipelago of more than 586 islands with about 20,000 inhabitants. Consistently ranked as one of the world's best dive destinations, Palau is the ultimate paradise for the adventurous traveler, boasting some of the most spectacular water features and beaches as well as the world famous Rock Islands and Jellyfish Lake. With more than 1,400 species of fish and 500 species of coral, some have called Palau the "8th Natural Wonder of the World", while others have identified Palau as "One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World." For more information about Palau, please visit http://www.visit-palau.com/.


The Dolphins of Palau

Dolphins Pacific is the world’s largest marine mammal interaction, educational and research facility. “Dolphin Bay,” located on the northern side of Ngeruktabel Island in Palau, is situated in a 200-million-gallon saltwater lagoon. The modern impoundment provides an expansive, healthful marine environment for the resident population of dolphins, as well as a relaxing eco-friendly venue for visitors. The objective of this local outfit is to preserve the integrity of these popular mammals, educate visitors about their unique place in the environment and to study their behaviors and abilities. The facility offers several public encounters, including everything from a basic one-hour interactive program to fantastical wedding ceremonies. For more information, visit http://www.dolphinspacific.com.


River Boat Jungle Cruise

One of Palau’s newest attractions is the River Boat Jungle Cruise. Located in Ngchesar State, the Jungle River Boat Cruise is one of Palau’s eco-friendly tours, providing visitors with the ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy the island’s natural attributes firsthand. The cruise takes one hour on an all-aluminum boat that can carry up to 40 passengers. The five-mile tour starts at the main dock and goes upstream coming out to a beautiful ocean vista. During the tour, visitors get a chance to see crocodiles; Palauan Fruit Dove Bird, or Biib; Palauan Fruit Bats; Kingfishers; Archer Fish; and varieties of flora and fauna. Additionally, passengers might get a glimpse of locals collecting their catch of the day, big mangrove crabs, along the river banks. Contact rivercruise@palaunet.com.


The Jelly Fish of Palau

Natural preserves most can only dream of also include the daring and the unusual – like Jellyfish Lake, where two types of jellyfish can be found, namely the golden jellyfish known as Mastigias and the moon jellyfish known as Aurelia. This intriguing lake departs radically from convention for it is an enclosed body of water wherein, over the course of millennia, resident jellyfish have a mild almost unnoticeable sting because they do not have to fight off predators, allowing adventures a rare opportunity to swim amongst these truly unique water creatures. In order to access this unique adventure, visitors will need to enlist the transport of a local tour guide at one of the tour shops operating in Palau. The Rock Island and Jellyfish Lake entry permit is $35 per person in addition to the tour package. It is recommended that visitors’ sign up for the full day excursion, which includes snorkeling, lunch in the Rock Islands and a trip to nature’s spa…the Milky Way. For more information on activities, visit: http://www.visit-palau.com/.

Palau International Coral Reef Center

The Palau Aquarium is the interpretive division of Palau International Coral Reef Center, a non-profit organization which opened ten years ago and has become one of the best land based attractions for tourists and locals alike. It offers enlightening, first hand experiences to inspire understanding and respect of Palau’s natural marine ecosystems. Comprised of ten (10) sub-themed aquariums that convey details of 17 specific habitats, the exhibits recreate the breathtakingly beautiful marine environments and animal species found in those environments.

Visitors can experience the wonders of the sea without even getting their feet wet. The adventure begins with a look at the many geological wonders found in Palau, including the famous Rock Islands. Next, observe the tentacle-like roots of the mangroves where life in the sea begins. The, one can look closer to see a school of archerfish stunning their prey by spitting beads of water, or the pulsating rhythms of an upside-down jellyfish. Further along the winding path, past the Sea grass Bed to the Inner Reef, reside a green sea turtle, white-tip shark, groupers, giant trivially and the Aquarium’s resident napoleon wrasse. Lastly, a diversity of corals and polyp-feeding butterfly fish in the Reef Crest await at the end of this journey. For more information, visit http://www.picrc.org/.


Palau Is Naturally Eco-Friendly

With so many tourism entities intent on implementing new environmentally-friendly programs, procedures and strategies, the destination of Palau needs not enhance what is already an ingrained custom in this North Pacific paradise. Read on...


"Be in Awe Just Below Palau's Surface" - Adelaide Now Blogs About Their Experience

"THE only sound is my relaxed breathing complemented by oars skimming the ocean water. I feel humbled surrounded by such unspoilt natural beauty.

The stillness of the water allows the kayak to glide effortlessly, leaving long, V-shaped ripples behind us. Towering above like giant green, fluffy mushrooms are some of the estimated 250 to 300 rock islands of Palau. Once thriving coral reefs under the water's surface, these limestone and coral islands now ascend up to 207m. The mostly uninhabited islands appear to float, their foundations having eroded over millennia.

After three days in Palau, it feels as if I've been here a week, probably because our schedule is running on what the locals call "Palau-time", basically meaning time is no factor.
Palau is listed as one of the top destinations for avid scuba divers but as I discovered, this Pacific island nation has a whole lot more to offer..." Click here to read full article.


Palau Is Diving Into 2011 With A Host Of Special Hotel Packages

Palau is one of the seven underwater wonders of the world, where large schools of sharks, manta rays, colorful soft corals, dramatic wall dives and adrenaline pumping drift dives are some of the features. And now, to accommodate Micronesia destined travelers, several Palau properties are offering special packages for those that want to take the ultimate plunge.

Available for booking from now through February 28, 2011, for travel periods between April 1 – July 15, the Palau Pacific Resort is offering a special February Internet booking offer that starts at only $285 per night with a package that includes the following value added benefits:
- Daily Breakfast for up to two people
- Roundtrip Airport Transfers for up to two people
- 15% Discount at Elilai Spa by Mandara for spa treatment
- 10% Discount at Elilai Spa by Mandara for retail products

Palau’s most luxurious beach resort, the Palau Pacific Resort sits on 64 acres of lush tropical gardens and is the ultimate tropical getaway in Micronesia. It is just a 30 minutes commute from the international airport, on the west Shore of Arkabesang Island, Koror, Republic of Palau, Western Caroline Islands. For reservations and additional information, please call 680-488-2600 or visit http://www.palauppr.com/.

Ngellil Nature Island Resort

The brand new Ngellil Nature Island Resort is offering an introductory rate of only $150 per night for accommodations only. The add-on rate for meals (which include breakfast, lunch and dinner) is $50 per person.

This one-of-a-kind eight room property is only accessible by boat transfer and is ideal for couples or those that want to truly get away from it all. The full-service property features accommodations made of natural products from the islands; barbecued meals made on site; private beach for hotel guests only; private hiking trails which wend through a lush jungle; sea kayaking; snorkeling; and fishing.
For reservations and additional information, phone 680-587-1059; fax 680-587-3631; or email ngellilnaturalisland@yahoo.com.

Palau Plantation Resort
In order to provide the best value to guests, Palau Plantation Resort features room only rates so that guests can start with the basics and build their own itinerary. The best value for a family or group is the Suite Villa (with 5 rooms) for only $480 per night. Rates start at $180 per night for other room and suite types.

The Palau Plantation Resort is a unique tropical resort born from an idea that transpired from its exotic location. Built upon a nice milieu, typical of a jungle of modern times, the resort has bloomed into one of the most idyllic resorts in Palau. The property features a wide selection of traditional styled cabins, cottages and villas surrounded by the natural beauty of a tropical paradise. Palau Plantation is a chic resort brimming with a Palau inspired flavor set against the relaxing natural environment. For reservations and information, phone 680-488-3631; fax 680-4887425; or email plantation@palautelecoms.com.

The Palau Beach Bugalows

Featuring special rates that start as low as $40 per night, the Palau Beach Bunaglows is a small family-run resort next to one of the nicest beaches on the big island of Babeldaob, about 30 minutes by car from Palau International Airport, and about 45 minutes from Koror. It's a great way to experience the peace and quiet of traditional Palau away from the main town of Koror. The bungalows feature single or double bed & bathroom, plus a living room with kitchenette. The living room has an extra futon bed. The daily rate per unit is just $40 + 14% tax or $45.60 (per bungalow), payable in cash only.

Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa
The Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa is now featuring an Island Dream Package, which is available from now through December 31, 2011. Rates start at only $100 a night for a Standard Room or $130 a night for an Ocean View Room. The package includes the following: Daily breakfast for two; tax and service charge; airport shuttle; and for those that stay over four nights, free Tropical Snack Set and Starry Night Cocktail.
Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa (AWP) is a legendary Palaun castle symbolizing the story of immortal love at the end of the rainbow. In the local art featured at the hotel, guests will find Palau’s largest Story Board and the magnificent history exhibition that highlights the cultural wonder of this Micronesian paradise. Additionally, the property features the destination’s only waterpark with a 720 degree water slide, speedy water slide, Olympic pool, and multi-function spa pools. The hotel also offer limited spa services. For additional information and reservations, please contact Tel:(+680)587-3530; Fax:(680)587-3533; or via email at services@airaiwaterparadise.com.


Travel Destination Feature on Palau

The Palau islands are formed by more than 200 islands, of which only eight are inhabited. All of the islands but three are located within a single barrier reef and represent two geological formations. The biggest islands are volcanic and rough with interior jungle and enormous areas of grassed terraces. The Rock Islands, known as the Floating Garden Islands, are of limestone formation, while Kayangel, at the northernmost region, is a typical coral atoll. Palauan people are mainly Roman Catholic and their official language is English.

The country has a hot, humid climate with a rainy season (May to November). Palau’s currency is the US Dollar.Some tips to take into account when visiting Palau: US driving permits are accepted, the electricity runs on 115/230 Volts and the country code is 680.

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National Geographic Feature on Palau

Located in the western Pacific, the more than 250 islands that constitute Palau—a Japanese stronghold during World War II—were assigned to U.S. administration by the United Nations in 1947. Economically tied to the U.S., the territory became an independent nation in October 1994. About 70 percent of Palauans live in the capital city of Koror on the island of Koror. Tourism is the country's main industry, with the rich marine environment inviting snorkeling and scuba diving. Read on...

Photo credit: Tim Laman


Blogger Jane Cassie "Jane of the Jungle" shares her Palauan Adventure

When I was seven years old, a harmless garter snake crossed my path and put me into panic mode. Now, half a century later, I still get the heebie-jeebies whenever I think of one. So after hearing that a one-eyed eel (close enough to a snake) may be lurking about in the nearby riverbed, I freeze in my tracks.

My husband and I are visiting Palau, an archipelago of 500-or-so lush islands that sprawl over the North Pacific. And as well as checking out the amazing treasures that thrive beneath the waves, we explore a few above the pristine surface -- the Ngardmau Waterfall being one of them.

As legend has it, the curtain of water that plummets 30 metres (100 feet) was created by this slimy creature. After falling into an endless sleep, he magically transformed into the river and his head became the waterfall. Whether fact or fiction, snake or eel, my skin begins to crawl after listening to this mythical tidbit. Read on...

The Path to Palau

For those who happen to be Survivor fans, there is no need to introduce the incredible destination of Palau. Consistently ranked as one of the world's best dive destinations, Palau is the ultimate paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous travelers.