Palau...Naturally Eco-Friendly

With so many tourism entities intent on implementing new environmentally-friendly programs, procedures and strategies, the destination of Palau needs not enhance what is already an ingrained custom in this North Pacific paradise. It is the culture’s instinct and primary concern to preserve nature’s wondrous resources, which are in abundance in this Micronesian eco-sphere. However, with that said, old customs are merely a springboard for this eco-centric and naturally “green” island nation as several Palauan entities are indeed further enhancing the “cause.”

To begin, Palau’s current President, Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., developed the Micronesia Challenge, which is a regional inter-governmental initiative in the western Pacific region that facilitates more effective conservation of marine and forest resources in Micronesia. Since its inception, the Palau-inspired program has been recognized internationally and the President Remengesau, Jr. received an award from TIME magazine as one of the Heroes of the Environment in 2007. For more information, Click Here!

To complement these efforts, the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) has been a leader in conservation of Palau’s environment. Dedicated to the protection of biodiversity, Palau’s natural resources and to local communities that use those resources, PCS supports the establishment and management of conservation areas, the development of sustainable resource use policies and an increase of environmental awareness. For more information, Click Here.


Jellyfish Lake makes Oprah's list of Exotic Escapes

By now, you all have probably noticed our fond affection for the most magical place on earth (Palau) but recently Oprah has acknowledged that she too is excited about this exotic paradise. In an online feature the queen of “favorite things” listed Palau’s own Jelllyfish Lake as a unique exotic escape not to be missed. Check it out here!

We are certain that after a trip to Jellyfish Lake, Palau will be on the top of your list of favorite places as well. If the magical photos aren’t convincing enough just take Oprah’s word for it, has she every steered you wrong?

The Path to Palau

For those who happen to be Survivor fans, there is no need to introduce the incredible destination of Palau. Consistently ranked as one of the world's best dive destinations, Palau is the ultimate paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous travelers.