President Toribiong talks about Palau’s sustainability programs

PALAU President Johnson Toribiong opened the final day of the Island Sustainability Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Toribiong spoke about the sustainable programs that have been implemented that enabled Palau to move forward with their long-term plans to create a sustainable island.

The threat posed by rising sea levels to island nations and coastal cities has been acknowledged by the United Nations as a matter of critical importance. Read full article...

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erxl2 said...

I respect our president and his view toward Global Warming. Palauans are moving forward to the unknown future and we are facing lots of challenges. Our ancestors did not use electricity cars,motorboats and they lived, but now we all do in a stubborn way to build more and more structures, are we heading toword a bright future? If we try to reduce waste and pollution the only way is to live like our ancestors but then no one wants to . We all depend on foreign anergy and foreign people, we are so pisting off our future generations by giving them a unhealthy Palau

The Path to Palau

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