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Typically, when you plan a dive holiday you spend hours researching and narrowing down your choice to one place where you're guaranteed to find a single breathtaking marine attraction. But when planning a Palau dive trip, you won't have to choose just one attraction because it has it all! This isolated set of 200 or so limestone islands showcase a selection of dive sites that nearly all other dive locations can only dream of. Every year to celebrate this natural endowment, pioneering dive shop Fish 'n Fins holds Diversity Fiesta, a week long food and diving event.

The dive schedule during Diversity Fiesta brings patrons face to face with some of the most unique marine phenomenon, including WWII plane and ship wrecks, ancient marine lakes, shark encounters, blue holes, chandelier like caves and coral gardens. The number of quality dive sites here continually spur people to say that they could dive here everyday, and be guaranteed that everyday it would be different. Diving Palau makes you feel like your among a lucky few. During WWII, on March 30 and 31, 1944, over 60 Japanese ships and planes were sunk here by the US. From the startlingly intact Jake's Seaplane to the coral overrun Iro Maru wreck, the more then thirty plus wreck dives here provide a startling testimony of Palau during the war. After gliding over history at a WWII plane wreck, move to staring down a swarm of 10 whitetip reef sharks. For many thrill seekers, their need is more then satisfied after diving the famous Blue Corner. Here at the tip of the southwestern lagoon, three major ocean currents meet, the result of which is one of nature's best shows. About 25 meters down you can hook into the reef as packs of black and whitetip reef sharks patrol the edge of the wall. Although some are still fearful of reef sharks, seeing them surf the current here seems to abate the misconception.

After a long day of diving the festivities keep going with a nightly Palaun dinner, hosted dockside at Fish 'n Fins. Each night you have the pleasure of enjoying different dishes from the exotic Pacific Rim, while reminiscing with your dive group about the amazing dives you did that day. With all the events going on during Diversity Fiesta you'll be glad to stay at the Landmark Marina, which is conveniently located adjacent to the Fish n' Fins dive shop. Location is everything, and being on waterfront as well as having the ability to roll out of bed and be at Fish n' Fins in a second, is a huge pro

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