Above or Below Water...Palau Rocks the Boat!

Widely recognized as the number one underwater (or scuba diving) destination, Palau is also afloat with many on the water amusements as well, including everything from Kayak, Sports Fishing, Sailing, Private Charters, Kayaking and the new Jungle River Boat Cruise.

For those who enjoy exploring remote, water ways where the only living companions are non-humans, guided kayak tours are the best way to get around the Rock Islands with local naturalist guides illustrating the local legends, culture and myths in Palau. Half day trips include paddling through the Rock Islands to Nikko Bay and the Bat Cave. The full day version adds a trek to Mandarinfish Lake. For the more adventurous, the Jungle Book expedition and Indiana Jones trails takes excursionists on hikes, hidden channels in the mangroves and World War II sites. Extended trips visit remote places such as Peleliu, Jelly Fish Lake, North Babeldaob, Ngardmau water falls, the Palauan sunken village and many unknown treasures. For more information, contact Fish n' Fins, (680) 488-2637, info@fishnfins.com or www.fishnfins.com.
Sports Fishing
Several operators run fishing trips daily with local guides and fisherman, both whom know the right time(s) and the right place(s) for fishing. Whether it’s trolling, casting, fly- fishing, bottom fishing or spear fishing, passengers will have the opportunity to catch such treasures as Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Wahoo, Skip-Jack and Barracuda. Fishing enthusiasts can choose between adventurous trolling game and spear fishing or just simple reef fishing, for red snappers and parrot fish. Personalized dive packages and group excursions are available. For more information, contact any one of the following:
- Sam's Tours, (680) 488-1062, info@samstours.com or www.samstours.com
- Neco Marine, (680) 488-1755, info@necomarine.com or www.necomarine.com
- Fish n' Fins, (680) 488-2637, info@fishnfins.com or www.fishnfins.com

Aboard Sam’s Tours "Eclipse," sailors have the freedom to choose their own adventures and develop excursions that are personally suited to their individual needs. Eclipse is a former ocean, racing yacht whose pedigree ensures high performance sailing in comfort and safety as one explores Palau's vast and protected inner lagoon waterways, fascinating Rock islands and stunning outer reefs. Additionally, the vessel offers great food, comfortable accommodations and lots of fun activities. For more information, contact Sam's Tours, (680) 488-1062, info@samstours.com or www.samstours.com.

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The Path to Palau

For those who happen to be Survivor fans, there is no need to introduce the incredible destination of Palau. Consistently ranked as one of the world's best dive destinations, Palau is the ultimate paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous travelers.