Palau, Micronesia’s Jellyfish Lake Gets A “Facelift”



One of the most unique attractions on the planet, Palau’s Jellyfish Lake recently upgraded its previously-rutted access trail with a smoother, more pedestrian-friendly concrete path/stairway.  

One of the great virtues of Jellyfish Lake is the remote, tropical hike between the Rock Islands entryway over an elevated pathway that leads visitors through a jungle-like environment into a “secret watering hole” full of tens of thousands of friendly, safe-to-swim-with jellyfish.

Because the previous trail was somewhat archaic, the Koror State Government saw the make improvements to the pathway for visitor safety and easier access.

“We see these improvements as an asset to one of the world’s most unique attractions,” comments Darin DeLeon, Managing Director of the Palau Visitor’s Authority.  “The intention was to improve upon the safety and access to one of our destination’s most popular sites, while maintaining the integrity of its natural, tropical ambience.”


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